Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Last Thought of You

This short was written the night after 9/11 in reflection of thoughts on my wife and our life together.

A Last Thought of You

Today, like so many other days before, started too quickly. Our time spent talking was too short. A coffee in hand I rushed out the door to work leaving you behind leaning on the small table at which we shared meals and laughter. The sound of your voice trailed behind me as the door closed and I ran for the bus.

The rush of the city overwhelmed me as always and my thoughts went to the day ahead. Then, I was there, standing before those two great monoliths. This was where I spent the best part of my days and many nights.

Stark, emotionless expanse of marble and steel stretched above me. I could not see the top so far aloof. Pushing my way through the throng of people to step through the doors, today was as many others before it.

An elevator whisked me to my destination, high up in the bowels of these symbols of prosperity and financial power.

With quiet precision the door slid open and along with many of my fellow workers I stepped out into the reality called, "the business world". Turning to go to the place that would be my center of the universe for the next hours, I looked out from my high tower into the expanse of the city that never sleeps.

Through a window was where I saw it. A shadow as a bird might cast on the ground before striking. Above that shadow a silvery visage reflected the morning sun. It did not belong there in that part of the sky. Realization of it’s presence there removed all other thoughts from me.

The cacophony of engines and rushing air filled my ears. Then, a blinding flash, and in that instant I remembered how you looked this morning. How much I love you.

The memory, like the reality, was too short and my day ended, with one last thought of you.

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