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This is a Stardrive Novel exerpt.
Stardrive written by SglennY.
This material is under copyright and may not be copied or reproduced without express written consent of the author.

Chapter One             Jumping Jupiter

“What do you think you are doing?” Captain Tregali screamed at the navigator.

“If you want to kill every man, woman and animal on this ship that is the fastest way to do it, you idiot!” She couldn’t believe what the first class Nav officer had just plotted on the screen. Worse, she couldn’t help that it caused such an outburst from herself. She, who was referred to as, “The Asteroid Princess.” Nothing could move her to emotional responses in crisis, at least until today.

Today was different from any she had ever had to endure. Ten years working through the ranks and she knew more about Stardrives than anyone.  Then the other Coalition developed theirs and suddenly they wanted to play wargames.

No one thought she had what was needed for command. Then the Amer Coalition wanted her to be on their opposite side. It was months until Admiral Toletov finally considered her fit for a command. After all he was an Admiral and a mere Captain hardly had the rank to be his equal and the counterman on the opposing side.

Toletov, that stinking hair-slicked-back Admiral who was god in the corp of the Amer Coalition, he had set her up! She didn’t want to believe he could be that petty and deceitful, but right now there was no time for recriminations. Toletov could be dealt with later.

At this moment the only thing that mattered was saving her crew, her ship and herself so she could tear those gold stars off from his shoulder and stuff them in his dead, gaping mouth. Her crew would be the voice that would bring that little god to his knees. It had taken most of her life but she was finally going to have her revenge!

“Ma’am, it is the best course of action! It is the only one I can recommend considering,,,” The Nav pointed at the screen and there was no doubt that desperate action was all that might save them. The Captain stood from her command chair. This decision had to be made now. There was no time for considering alternatives. She sank heavily back into the command chair.

“Do it.” Committed, that was the word. Once the command was given there was no turning back. A course forward meant probable death, one backward, certain death.

The scream from the engines, that was never heard through the soundlessness of space, suddenly poured through every bulkhead in the ship. The metal and composite shell of the ship hummed then whined. Whining became a scream that bit into the mind. The shock was fierce as substance flickered from existence to emerge in another place. For a brief moment it passed through all the points in time along a specific path of travel simultaneously. Entering and emerging from the intraspace plane into the normal one was usually accompanied by slight nausea and disorientation.

One point of fact that haunted every traveler was convergence. Convergence was what happened if the line of travel happened to have a solid object along its path near the entry point or the exit coordinate. The object and traveler shared that space-time moment. Each took a chance of losing some of itself and gaining something from the other.

The order Captain Tregali gave forced her ship and everything on it into convergence. All she could think of was, “what happened to leave me with this choice?” The sound of the engines echoed in her mind as matter from her ship converged with the object along their path.

The glow of the giant planet filled her screen. It’s ugly red spot blurred, then came the sickness. She had only suffered the slightest effects from a warp shift before. Today her mind screamed and her stomach twisted. Lunch had been small enough, but still too large to be held. Scanning the bridge of her ship, every person was bent over retching. Then time stopped! ***

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