Friday, December 25, 2009

The Best Christmas Gifts

Christmas day is a day for wonders and suprises. The best ones are not wrapped with pretty paper and a bow. This year I was reminded of that once again. Christmas Eve came and we thought of loved ones and where they were. We talked of missing our son and his wife and the grandsons. Actually we were relieved with the forecast of bad weather that they would be safe in Wisconsin. Moments after that conversation someone knocked on the front door. We wondered who would be visiting and when we opened the door, let's just say our children are often responsible for sending their parents into a heart attack. There they were grinning from ear to ear! Son, wife and grandsons. Needless to say it was even more exciting since this was our first seeing in person of a new grandson born November 16. It is quite wonderful to have them here and so our best present this year came wrapped in a Saturn across hundreds of miles. I thank God that he kept them safe on the road. What was going to be just another Christmas, suddenly became a chorus of Angels singing Noel! Tell me about yours.

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I am an author and lover of art and music and promote the same of those whom I know do the same. This site has some incredible dolls, all handmade, for sale. These artists are very talented and if you are looking for dolls and artwork I think this is one of the best places I've seen. This link is to an author friend who has his books available. "Time Angels" and the sequal "Time Angels II the Omega Key" by Jack Keene.

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