Monday, February 9, 2009

What do you read?

This is an easy one. I am very curious as to what those who blog read. Just do us all one favor, keep it clean. There may be kids reading this, K?
Over the years it seems quite a few have looked at my blog but hardley anyone leaves a comment. Mostly I get spammers trying to promote their garbage. If you don't like something, say so, but nicely, please. It occurs to me that FB catches most people and that is fine. I don't collect email addys nor make you fill out an info page. Thanks.


  1. To be completely honest, I've had my eyes in all sorts of genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi and historic fiction are some of my favorites. That being said, I don't usually go by genre. If anything draws me in, I will read it. My favorite types of stories are the one that have a more personal pull to them. Something I can relate to on a more intimate level. I love it when the plot revolves around personal conflict and major, universe changing drama ontop of it all.

    I love happy endings. But I also love endings that are happy with a twist of poignancy. It's like "AHHHHHH!!!!!" Those are the best. You ever read Susan Kay's "Phantom"? That's not the best book to be readin', but it has that killer ending, that "wow" climax. Gotta love it. Gaston Leroux's Phantom of the Opera is better, but hey, it's the original, man.

    I also love stories with ancient Dragon shape shifters and long lost lines of rulers and magic and large Ship Builders and stuff.

    I'll be sure I don't touch the white one, kay?

  2. Thanks Livie. Sorry I didn't get back to this sooner. I think I know what you mean. By the by check out World of Darkness for the personal conflict story. It will be in several parts and I wish I had attracted more faces, I'm not so good at this blog thing and getting peopkle to check it out. However there is a part 2 now so read on.


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