Sunday, April 7, 2019

Nextbook Ares 8 inch tablet. I bought one of these from Walmart thinking it could be a less expensive replacement for my Nexus 7. It worked fairly well at first but despite its appearances to have much the same resources I have been scammed. The tablet platform is awful. You can't turn off features or the system won't work correctly. It has features as if it were a phone but is not a phone. Turn those features off and wham! I used it off and on for 1 year. My year factory warranty expired on March 2, 2019. April 1 2019 it did a system update, another thing you can't run off. April 1st my tablet went dead in 1 hour from full charge. Never had a problem going at least 4 hours prior. I reset to factory defaults and shut down wifi so it couldn't get on the net but they must have built the kill bug into the the base code. Nicely done. I've figured it out and for those of you who haven't, if you haven't bought from Nextbook, FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T. My son also bought one of these for his son. 2 weeks after purchase it just died. Won't factory reset nothing. He sent it back to Nextbook and was eventually sent a replacement. The screen has rasterization lines causing use failure. They haven't responded. My mistake was I didn't believe all the posts about the failures of this tablet and Nextbook products. So folks here's my warning. They are junk. Tech service useless, warranty written on toilet paper. I would not buy ANY NEXTBOOK PRODUCT, EVER. Maybe yours is working fine but way too many are not. Walmart,K-Mart stores carry this product. It behooves us to comment on their sites as well. I'll mount mine on a wall as a reminder of how easily we can be bilked of $80.00 for throwaway products apparently made in some foreign country with no responsibility to the U.S. market.

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I am an author and lover of art and music and promote the same of those whom I know do the same. This site has some incredible dolls, all handmade, for sale. These artists are very talented and if you are looking for dolls and artwork I think this is one of the best places I've seen. This link is to an author friend who has his books available. "Time Angels" and the sequal "Time Angels II the Omega Key" by Jack Keene.

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My childhood was spent growing up on a farm in the mountains of northern Pennsylvania. In those years I learned the lessons that would mold my character and moral center. In my teens I moved to a small city in southeastern PA. Like many teens I had my rebellion and found the futility of it. During my late teens I moved to central PA and in high school lost my heart to the girl who is now my wife. Presently I'm well into midlife and slowing rapidly. The things I used to do, I can't even remember. Married for 37 years, we have a son, a daughter and five grandchildren. My son has two boys, my daughter three girls, I love irony! I'm self-employed for most of 25 years in construction. Doing a project for a customer and getting their approval is wonderful and inspiring. I started writing when my children were younger. I did some stories for them and over time it became more of an interest. I now have four completed novels and several shorts and am working towards getting one or more published. One short has been published.