Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Strangers

How I hate taking the Metro at night. I don’t mind if there is no one in the car with me. It’s when just one or two others are there. Nothing is as lonely or frightening as riding at night not knowing what the other one or two is doing. Why is it I’m the one at the office late and everyone else goes home on time?

I glanced up as we came into the thirty-forth street station. Who was getting on, a small bunch of teens or another late businessman rushing home or maybe no one? My eyes were heavy and I was not all that interested in who was getting on. I blinked slow with tired eyes.

The doors swished open. I saw movement and was suddenly transported into an incredible dream./>
Deep brown hair down to her shoulders and dark eyes glimmered in the light of the car. She was a shadow yet with so much substance. Her eyes were slightly almond shaped and the dark centers were like looking right into the heart of the night sky. The long lashes flickered as she blinked. They had transfixed me.

She stood to my shoulder tall, slight of build. The deep red of her lipstick seemed to glow on her lips as she slid her tongue across to moisten them. Perfect teeth, straight and white, glistened like jewels.

Her stride into the car was like watching the sanguid flow of honey from a spoon. In the cool evening her dress billowed in soft flowing folds of chiffon as the air blew gently around her.

To my absolute surprise she walked straight to the row of seats where I sat riveted in amazement. A delicate, inquiring finger pointed at the seat next to me. I nodded and she sat with a soft swish.
When she leaned toward me, I could feel the warmth of her arm next to mine. The way she relaxed next to me made my heart pound in my ears. I couldn’t take my eyes from her and the way her head tilted down and her cheeks flushed in embarrassment from my staring, shamed me.

Music was coming from the car's speakers. Why did they have to play that song now? I felt myself standing, I couldn’t stop and when I extended my hand she took it. We went into the tunnel and the light flickered dimly as the music played on.

We danced and the music seemed to carry me into space, I was weightless dancing with her warm body held gently against mine. The dimness and flashing light through the window was like traveling through space.

The brakes screeched as we cleared the tunnel. She tilted that perfect face up and the offer of a kiss was irresistible. The kiss lingered then the lights brightened. The song was over. I gave in and believed I finally knew what it felt like to be truly in love.

The Metro stoppe. Although I don’t remember sitting down, she stood and looked at me with grateful eyes. The doors opened and the shadow stepped onto the platform. Dark eyes looked back for just a moment. Her red lips formed the soundless words of a thank you. The door slid closed and the train flew away in a clatter. I sat there dumbfounded as the shadow disappeared.

Suddenly I felt alone and as others had entered the car and sat, they stared at me. It was as though I had just awakened. This must have been a daydream! Am I this desperate for love? This is insane how could I have such an incredible fantasy about this woman? She wasn't even real.

The Metro clanked along as I stared out the window. I could see a reflection in the glass. It was just me.

Something was wrong in the reflection. A smudge was on my face! I reached up and rubbed the spot. Red, her lipstick, was there on my lips and cheek. That's why the others stared!

Now I ride the Metro alone,in search of the woman who disappeared like a shadow. We’re still just strangers.


  1. LOvd it. u and me in the metro...

  2. stan this is soooooo pretty!!! i bet sue loves this one! :)



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